My  son has been attending Happy Steps since he was about 18 months old  (starting in August 2014) and we are very happy with the excellent  service that Kinga and her assistants provide. The setting is really  homely with delicious home cooked meals provided for the children every  day and I feel confident that my son is being cared for in a safe and  loving environment. He has really thrived; he has developed very close  relationships with the other children, he has had plenty of  opportunities to engage in imaginative play and he has been learning the  building blocks for more formal education (such as phonics and  writing). I have also been particularly impressed with how Kinga has  provided a responsive service that has adapted in accordance with my  son's needs and developmental changes. For example, when I mentioned I  was concerned about his lack of confidence with unfamiliar children and  environments Kinga suggested ways to improve his confidence at Happy  Steps and within a few weeks we started to see a difference at home too.  Kinga herself is clearly passionate about child development and always  makes time to share her knowledge. I believe that Happy Steps is a great  place for children and I have no reservations in recommending it to  other parents.  


"My daughter Elodie has been attending Happy Steps since she was 11  months old and we are completely delighted with our choice to send her  there.  First and foremost, Elodie is very happy there: she runs in in  the morning full of excitement about the day ahead.  Until recently she  was the youngest child there by about six months, but right from the  beginning the other children were taught to be incredibly gentle and  kind to her.  She has learnt these skills from the other children and is  now also very sociable, friendly and gentle - I have no doubt that she  has been taught these qualities by the staff at Happy Steps and by  watching and learning from the other children.  The children are a very  nice and close-knit group and it has been brilliant to watch her form  her first friendships.
As well as being happy, I know she is safe and well looked after.    She is in a great routine in terms of sleep, play and meals and Happy  Steps have done a lot to support and embed this. Having looked at a  number of the local nurseries before deciding on Happy Steps, I know one  of the areas they excel in is food.  The meals are all freshly prepared  just like they would be in a home kitchen and there is always an  interesting, varied and nutritious menu on offer.  When she first  started they took a lot of care to find out what food she liked and to  cater for her needs but over the months she has developed and now eats  what the other children are eating -this is great. 
 In terk tms of Elodie's development, it feels like Happy Steps are  always one step ahead in terms of thinking about where she needs to be  next.  It is very nice as a parent to know that the people looking after  your child are thinking about how they can develop her - for example,  before she started walking on her own i know they spent a lot of time  practicing with her whilst holding her hand.  They have also encouraged  her to learn new words and try lots of different games and activities.   When I have asked for advice about thinks like dealing with  tantrums/fussy eating etc at home they have been full of good advice  too.  
 Communication with parents is great.  As well as a written form  setting out everything that has happened that day, there is always a  detailed handover at drop-ff and pick-up. Also, when I have had concerns  on particular days (eg when Elodie first started at Happy Steps and was  still adjusting to being in nursery) they have been great at keeping in  touch via text/email to let me know how Elodie is getting on.   
I can't sing the praises of Happy Steps  highly enough! Kinga and the team have enabled me to go back to work and  throw myself back into my job secure in the knowledge my daughter  is happy, safe and in the most capable, caring and loving of hands.  There is nothing more I would want to ask for than that!"


"We have known Kinga Thomas since April 2014, during which time we have  sent our two sons to Happy Steps. We are delighted with the level of  care which they have received. Kinga has created a nurturing environment  in which children can excel and flourish. Both of our sons quickly  formed a strong bond with Kinga, her team and the other children. Kinga  has created a true sense of community around Happy Steps and we feel we  belong to the Happy Steps family. We have felt nothing but confidence in  Kinga and the level of care provided at Happy Steps and would not  hesitate to highly recommend it.
Happy Steps offer a broad range of activities which are tailored to the  ability of each child. We have been impressed by the level of planning  which Kinga performs each week. These activities and daily circle time  supplement independent play, which is evidently a winning combination  for the children at Happy Steps who continue to excel. "

 Lowri  and David Maher

“My son attended Happy Steps for 3 years. We usually joke we wish he could attend until he reaches 18 :) That's how good Happy Steps is! A friendly environment where my son felt at home. Home cooked meals, a bright colourful room with amazing toys, great outdoor space, very friendly staff and Kinga is seriously dedicated to the kids. My son was a very happy child there and I could not recommend it enough. I actually feel very lucky that I have found Happy Steps.”

 Claudia Carvalho 


"I would have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Happy Steps. 


My  son started at Happy Steps when he was 14 months old and settled  quickly after a bad experience at a large nursery. The setting is a  lovely family environment and really is the best of both worlds -  offering the security, care, kindness and individual attention you get  from a childminder with the social side and variety of activities of a  nursery environment. Kinga really took the time to get to know my  child's personality, often tailoring the day to his needs or interests.  In just a few months, I was staggered at the leaps my son made in his  development. By the age of 2, his confidence and communication skills  were very advanced and due to plenty of encouragement from staff, he was  fully potty trained in the day. I don't believe he would have got that  amount of attention or assistance in a larger setting.


Kinga  is extremely qualified and professional, keeping parents well informed  on the day as well as providing lots of photos which were always very  comforting to look at when I was at the office."

Kat Harper

“Our 2 year old spent an incredibly happy year with Kinga at Happy Steps, he settled immediately, made lots of friends and really enjoyed all the activities, singing, art and play. Kinga is fantastic at keeping parents fully informed as to all the things the children did during the day, what they ate etc. with lots of photos too. The children clearly were given all the attention, love and care you would wish for at a nursery, we loved it there and would happily recommend Kinga and Happy Steps”

Rupert Howard

“I could not recommend happy steps highly enough. It's an attentive and caring environment. Every child is made to feel secure” 

Foluke Martha Osanyintuyi